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Summary of Goals:

My goal is to join any Petrochemical Company, specifically Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), as an Internal Auditor. The prime reason behind joining this company is the growth of my career as well as other facilities offered by this company like attractive pay packages, healthy working environment, bonuses and allowances etc.

I’m earning a Master’s Degree from United States of America and this will give me a distinction and competitive edge because I’ll be foreign qualified of Business subjects. My educational qualification and high command on English Language will make it easier dealing with them. To become able to join this marvelous company, I’m required to complete my graduation with higher CGPA, since this would attract the company.

Only Completion of education wouldn’t be enough to join such big company, I’ll also need to gain some experience first. So, right after completion of my education I’ll join any U.S. firm to gain experience of at least 1 year. This experience will enhance my expertise and will give me a professional exposure. While working in U.S. firm I’ll also get a Certificate in CPA and will start applying for job in my country so that I could join the company whenever I’ll get back to my country (K.S.A).

Industry Definition:

Private sector, produces more than 30 percent of the global production of petrochemicals, and is a world leader in the export of oil reserves Trillion barrels and annual production of billions of barrels. Most of these companies are private and located in Eastern Province that is quite near to my locality in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the gender discrimination has been eliminated now, the women have the equal right to be employed in companies as the men have, which was not previously possible.

Industry Analysis:

The petrochemical sector is one of the most important sectors of the Saudi economy that has a significant effect on the level of GDP. Saudi Arabia has paid great attention to the development of industrial exports in line with the overall economic development strategies for the state to expand the productive base and diversify sources of income. This industry considered as new in Saudi Arabia specially the export practices of private sector. However, industrial exports made great strides in this field. Moreover, the export of Saudi petrochemical took the lead in access to global markets. Also, it has developed a positive image of Saudi products in terms of quality and price.

A steady rise has been notice in the value of exports during the period from 1995 (15.621 million riyals) to 1997 (16.698 million riyals). However, the decline in the prices of oil affected it and caused in reduced exports during the period from 1998 to 1999 (12.718 million riyals). Nonetheless, the exports regained strong growth afterwards along with the improvement in the market of oil and made an export of 114.898 million Riyals in 2011.

Customer Analysis:


The petrochemicals are the basic raw material used in the production of countless other chemicals. Petrochemical products can be further divided into three forms gaseous, liquid and solid. In addition, Gases products include Ethylene, Propylene, Butylene, Butadiene, Iso butylene, Acetylene, Vinyl chloride, and Formaldehyde. Also, Liquid and Solid products include one element that is Methanol.

Segment Analysis:

The Ethylene is considered undisputed backbone of the Saudi Petrochemical Industries, means the Ethylene is most important petrochemical item than the others. “SABIC” is the largest producer of this material in the world, and production of “SABIC” contains 22 percent of total global production. The other successful companies that produce Ethylene are Sipchem and Saharah. It is difficult to get accepted in Saharah Company. Saudis workers constitute less than fifty percent of the labor, so most of the workers are hired from foreign countries. This company is also characterized by higher salaries but fewer bonuses because the bonuses effect on the company’s balance sheet. Sipchem Company also offers higher salaries and incentives for motivation. The company provides variety of facilities such as housing allowance, minimum 10666$. It’s easier to get hired by Sipchem than Saharah.

Finally, SABIC Company offers a basic salary of $2,960. There are a lot of allowances that company provides such as housing allowance of 25%, transportation allowance 10%, and overtime allowance 10% etc.

Competitor Analysis:

There is high demand of female staff specialized in the field of accounting. This is because of the lack of availability of such specialized female workers in my country because there is a high trend of engineering thereat. However, I’ll still have my competitors but my educational qualification from United States gives me a competitive edge over all others. My knowledge and high command on English language give me a distinction that would lead to success. I’ll have the experience of working with U.S. firm that will surely attract the prospective employer.

Internal Assessment:

Everyone say that he has a perfect strength in his life. However, the qualities I have really helped me to be successful in my major and to reach my ambition.

Accounting major needs a person who has the ability to deal with numbers. Being responsible person in my life has always kept me away from risks. I still remember when I was in the university; I had to compare two banks with my group. Then we had to write a report in many sections such as marketing and financial statement analysis. The doctor gave me the section of financial statement analysis, and she said ”the numbers in balances must to be accurate and you have the dexterity to do that”. Each number and field is placed attentively and has a different connotation amongst its environment. To handle the balances and examine the colossal numbers require a person who can pay attention to the details.

In my opinion, in order to be a successful accountant a student needs to be logical, efficient and exactitude. In addition, I’m a hard working and capable to handle the responsibilities and enjoy the challenge being placed in. I always do my assignments in time and being prepared for class is of fundamental importance to me. I strive to be punctual and studious. Other skills I possess are the knowledge of many software programs such as Excel and other Microsoft Office applications. I believe that these skills will be of great importance in the work. During my education in the university, I studied a variety of subjects, such as, finance, auditing, economics, law, business management, and tax etc. I have done a lot of research in my major. For example, my graduation research was about Corporate Governance. I analyzed balance sheets for a big oil company in my country (Al-Mojil). Furthermore, I analyzed financial statements for Riyadh Bank and Sabb Bank for three years and conducted a comparative financial analysis.

Also, the most important thing is to be a good team player when working with a team. So with the group I have the ability to share information, ideas, expertise and knowledge to achieve a team goal. At the same time, I learn from the group I work with.

Moreover, I like to communicate with other people, especially from different cultures to know more about other cultures, values and beliefs. I like to spend my leisure time in identifying the latest technology and programs. Volunteer work is one of the most important times in my life, especially with poor families. I improve my knowledge and skills quickly since I’m a self-starter. Actually, I like to read books related to my field.

SWOT Analysis:

Internal Factors:

Strength: ” With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”

The most momentous strengths that I have are intelligence, carefulness, responsibility, hardworking, good team-player, high communication skills, flexibility, quick learner, attentive, strong analytical abilities, computer skills, meeting deadlines, and command on other languages. I’m able to work under pressure to finish the work within the deadline.

Weakness: No one is perfect, everyone has weaknesses, but there is a difference in areas that people have. I believe that thinking too much makes my life a bit difficult. For instance, when I have assignments to complete I cannot control myself to avoid thinking about. However, it’s good to take pain of your work but it’s not good to get frustrated by thinking too much. Nonetheless, I’m trying to control this behavior and hopefully, sooner or later, I’ll overcome this weakness

Opportunities: Development works in Saudi Arabia offers the great opportunity, since there are a number of jobs available for women. My scholarship and foreign educational qualification make my opportunities brighter. Numerous companies are communicating with the Saudi Cultural SACM to employ male and female students with a high GPA to work in their companies.

Threats: despite the existence of those large companies in the same area where I live, I’ll need a car to go to work. Unfortunately, however, in my country women are not allowed to drive cars. So, I’ll need a driver that may cost a lot of money.

Market-Product Focus & Goal Setting

Goal Setting: I am currently studying at Ohio University in Ohio. My goal in the short term is to earn a master’s degree with high GPA. My goals in the long term is to work as volunteer, around six months, in one of the biggest accounting firms in the United State to obtain professional experience. Also, I want to get CPA certificate. While I am doing that I will start applying for job in my country so that I could join the company whenever I’ll get back to my country (K.S.A). I would like a job that offers higher salary with a suitable environment for me being woman.

Target Market: I prefer work at SABIC Company because of the features that the company has. My position will be an Internal Auditor of the company, which is my specialty in accounting major.

Differentiation: The number of students has increased who have earned their degrees from foreign countries with Accounting Major. However, I still have competitive edge over others since Ohio University offers numerous courses that no other university deals with. I’ll complete my degree with 56 Credit Hours, whereas, other universities’ students have only 34 Credit Hours. So my knowledge and exposure would surely be higher than all others in the field of accounting and business. In addition to this, I’ll have the experience of U.S. firm that would also give me high professional exposure and would lead to success.

Positioning: Through my CV, to know about my educational qualification, skills & knowledge, my professional experience (that I’ll get while studying abroad), my CPA certificate which only few girls have and my innovative ideas that would rise Accounting Department to a better position.

Marketing Programs:

Product: I am always ambitious to change for the better. I’ll be more creative and innovative in the accounting problem solving. I’d always develop innovative idea to solve a problem that was never used by anyone before. I’ll increase my exposure by learning different courses of all the fields where employees always need to get improvement for efficient working.I will ask my friends, who are currently working in SABIC, to know more about the company and the nature of the interview.

Price: I want healthy salary that will cover my living needs and will help to support my family along with health Insurance for me and my children.

Promotion: My resume would represent all of me, my educational qualification, my experience and other skills I have. Furthermore, since I’m innovative and creative professional so I’ll have many ideas to improve Accounting Department so that the company will feel the need to employ me.

The second step is the interview, I’ll get prepared for the interview through searching information on the website and/or by asking interview pattern to my friends who are currently working with company.At the time of the interview, I’ll answer all questions with confidence and will give satisfactory answers. I must look good and confident because lack of confidence may give the company a bad impression about me. After leaving the interview, I’ll send an Email to thanks the company.

Place: I’ll participate in communities that have many forums for employment in petrochemical companies especially SABIC. Also, I will use personal contacts such as my friends or family who are currently working in SABIC, to enhance my chances of being employed by the company. I will participate in career day to apply and communicate with recruitment authorities of the company.